Palani Vaughan – Ipo Lei Manu

Facts About Palani Vaughan

  • Born: May 27, 1944 in Honolulu
  • Full Name: Frank Palani Vaughan Jr.
  • Goes By: Palani Vaughan
  • K-12 School: Kamehameha Schools
  • University of Hawaii, Bachelor of Fine Arts

    Recordings of Palani Vaughan
    Information about the King Kalakaua tribute albums recorded by Palani Vaughan, the album he recorded as one of the founding members of the group Sunday Manoa, his recordings on Hawaii Calls radio show albums, and other solo and compilation albums featuring songs performed by Palani Vaughan.

    Some of Palani Vaughan’s Most Popular Recordings
    In November of 1981, six songs recorded by Palani Vaughan were included…….more