Ukulele Powers Unite! Aaron Crowell and Jake Shimabukuro All In Tune for the Future of the Uke!

In a very unplanned kinda way, the paths of Jake Shimabukuro and Arron Crowell crossed at a performance in Wahiawa at the Ka’ala Elementary School. As Jake is the ambassador of aloha with his genius as an ukulele master and musician, he was performing at the elementary school as Aaron got called in to assist for his friend with the sound.

I had just called Aaron to say that I had a copy of his DVD and he said to come on down to the school so I could show him and his friend Chris what the DVD looked like.  So I get to the school and see Aaron and he’s way excited.  LOL, I thought he was real excited to see his DVD but I was wrong – it was because he had just worked with Jake.

So, I show Aaron the DVD and was real stoked.  Then I suggested to Aaron to show the DVD to Jake, as a fellow player in the Ukulele movement and Aaron turned beat-read and so no way! Well, as luck would have it, Aaron s girlfriend Michelle took the DVD from my and and with pride and a pinch of no shame, walked over and showed Jake the DVD.

After Jake got the DVD, I pried Aaron from his chair to talk story with Jake about the DVD, but Aaron’s extreme humble manner made it tuff.  Finally, after some confidence boosting, Aaron went over to Jake and they started talking.  Jake was really stoked for Aaron and even commented on how cool one of the camera angles were for the strumming view (picture in back of the DVD).

Jake and Aaron talked for about 5 minutes and shared mutual stoke for each others accomplishments.  It was a real fun encounter for me to see one of the most revered local musicians from Hawaii and one of the top online Ukulele instructors talking story with one thing in common; the love of the Ukulele and spirit of Aloha it brings to the world.


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